What are Your Vaccination Requirements?

Rabies: Rabies Vaccinations for dogs and cats must be current and in accordance with local regulations.

Dogs: All dogs on premises must have current vaccinations for DHLPP. The Bordetella vaccination is highly recommended but not required.

Cats: All cats on premises must have current vaccinations for FVRCP.

DHLPP, Bordetella and FVRCP requirements may be waived upon written recommendation from pet’s veterinarian. Hard copy of this waiver will be kept on file. These guidelines follow the American Boarding Kennel Association’s Voluntary Facilities Accreditation Program.

What is Your Flea & Tick Policy?

Pets coming in will be checked for fleas and ticks. If any are found, a bath and/or protective application will be necessary at the owners expense prior to entering the resort.

What is Your Policy on After Hours Check-in/out?

We can accommodate travel obligations or emergencies by setting an after or before hour appointment for you to check in or out. $30 - $65. 

Do You Offer Transportation?

If necessary, we can transport your pet to or from the resort, with a planned, scheduled, individually rated appointment. $1.50/mile/ Round trip

Do You Provide Food?

We can provide a premium brand of Resort dry or wet food to be prepared for your pet during their stay for a minimal fee. $2-4/day/pet

Can You Administer Medications?

We can help administer many types of medications or assist in health care needs that your pet has during their stay. $.75/medication/time