We offer all the comforts of home and all the fun of going to camp! All dogs get to take part in our daily activities. With our state-of-the-art, 9,000 square foot resort, there's plenty of space for activities! We offer dog boarding, daycare, and grooming to Pinehurst, Fayetteville, Fort Bragg NC and beyond.

Daycare   ·  $20/day M-F

Each daycare guest has a choice of a mini walk, one-on-one playtime, or supervised social playtime sessions and naps in his/her own suite. Each guest receives 3 potty breaks. Discounts are offered for multiple daycare reservations.

Supervised Social Playtime   ·  $7/session

Guests participating must meet vaccination and spaying/neutering requirements. All guests must demonstrate a positive non-aggressive attitude towards others. 3-6 guests play together in our exercise area, supervised by 2-3 staff members. Play sessions last 20-30 minutes depending on weather and pet needs. Pool Playtime is available upon request during the hot summer months.

Individual One-on-One Playtime   ·  $10/session

Guests that prefer undivided, individual attention are spoiled with affection, exercise, and love by one of our staff members. Whether indoor or outdoor, 100% individual attention is given to your pet. 15-20 minutes depending on weather and individual pet needs.

Nature Walks   ·  $15/walk

Guests enjoy a lovely outdoor walk around the resort farmland. Great for the city dog who wants to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of a real working farm or an experienced country dog who likes to be outdoors. The round trip trail walk takes about 25 minutes and covers roughly 1.5 miles.

Golf Cart Rides   ·  $15/ride

Great for those dogs whose thrill for adventure is more in their hearts than in their paws. Dogs are securely transported on a 15-20 minute ride around the farm.

Doggie Ice Cream   ·  $2 each

This delicious treat can be purchased to spoil your pet with a nice reward after an outdoor walk, activity, or grooming session.

Late Night Potty Breaks   ·  $10/night/dog

Guests that need to have an extra potty break before snuggling into bed can schedule an extra evening potty break.

Pool Playtime   ·  $10/session

Great for summer!

Additional Services

  • Mini Walks: $7/trip
  • Resort Food or Special Meal Prep: $2-4 /day
  • Administering Medications: $0.75 /med/time
  • After Hours Check-In/Out Fee: $50-$75
  • Extended Stay Boarding (over 30 days): 20% Off