At Five Points Pet Resort, we offer a full-service grooming salon staffed by our experienced and professional groomers. We can schedule grooming appointments to work into your schedule and can have them added to a boarding reservation for your pet to have a spa day. Please look at a few of our options below and feel free to call us anytime to schedule your next grooming appointment!

For guests staying with us for 10 days or more, we offer a complimentary bath.

Luxury Spa Bath & Trim

Specific Breed grooming is available by our professionally trained grooming staff. Estimates are given upon arrival and depend upon the size of the dog, the condition of the coat, and the requests by the owner.

Luxury Spa Bath & Brush

Guests receive the luxurious spa bath treatment, ear cleaning, and nail trim, followed by a thorough brushing of the coat to eliminate any extra hair that can be brushed out.

Luxury Spa Bath with Nails · $20.00-$45.00

Luxury Spa Bath includes a luxurious bathing treatment, ear cleaning, and nail trim. Rates depend on the size of the dog and length and condition of the dog’s coat. A spa bath is also available for some feline guests.

De-Shed Treatment · $20.00-$35.00

The FURminator is a special treatment that helps our guests that have shedding coats. This is an add-on service to a luxury spa bath. This treatment reduces shedding 60% – 80% and is recommended for pets who have owners with allergies. This is an excellent way to eliminate all the excess hair that starts to shed off.

7 Day Departure Bath · $10.00-$20.00

For our guests staying 7 nights or more at our Resort, we do offer a departure bath so they can be nice and clean, ready to head home! This appointment is scheduled for the day of checkout at a discounted rate.

Additional Grooming Services

  • Filed not Clipped Nail Service: $16.00
  • TropiClean Teeth Cleaning: $10.00 & up

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