Pet Resort Southern Pines NC

For 15 years, the Brock Family has been proud to offer discerning pet parents an upscale pet resort in Southern Pines NC to serve all your pet care needs including overnight boarding, daycare, and full-service grooming services. We offer high-end pet accommodations featuring webcam viewing, indoor/outdoor pet suites (not cages) and turf exercise areas for dogs. We're constantly looking to educate ourselves on how we can improve our resort - that's why we're members of the International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA). We know the difference between a kennel that boards pets and a pet resort, now let us show you!

Dog Boarding

As a dog owner, it can be both sad and nerve-wracking to leave your furry best friend behind. Thankfully, when you use our resort facilities, your dog will feel nothing but comfortable and pampered in one of our three suites; standard, luxury or Pawsidential. No matter the level, all our suites are generously sized and climate-controlled. Plus, when they're not hanging out indoors, we encourage your dog to explore our exercise and activity playgrounds. It's a great way to meet other dogs and enjoy the beautiful North Carolina weather.

Dog Daycare

Let your pet come and spend their day playing in one of our large exercise and activity playgrounds while you are at work or away from home. We are offer both group or individual play seven days a week so you don't need to put off your plans to wait for a certain day. We guarantee your dog will enjoy his or her time exploring our wide-open spaces as he or she socializes with other dogs. No need to worry though, our groups are all same-size dogs with about 6-8 dogs that run around and play with one another.

Is Your Dog Ready for Doggie Daycare? 5 Signs to Consider

You added a new dog to your family a few weeks ago. You are in a good daily routine when it comes to leaving the dog at home when you go to work for the day, but you wonder if your dog needs a better solution. Could doggie daycare be the answer? Check out these five signs to help you consider if your dog is a good fit.

Is Your Dog Young?
Puppies or younger dogs adjust to the doggie daycare environment better than older dogs for the simple reason they are more adaptable and less set in their ways.

Is Your Dog Full of Excessive Energy?
Is your dog consistently showing way more energy than you have available at the end of the day? Do your playtime and walks never seem like enough? This could be because your dog has an overabundance of energy due to not getting enough exercise. Doggie Daycare can provide the outlet for exercise that is not practical with your work schedule.

Does Your Dog Suffer from Separation Anxiety?
Does your dog act nervous every morning when you are leaving for work? Does your dog destroy things while you are gone? Your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety. Doggie Daycare can help your dog handle these feelings better thanks to the closer involvement with other people and the distraction of playing with friends.

Is Your Dog Outgoing and Fun-Loving?
Not all dogs are extroverted. Many dogs are rather shy and don't function well with a bunch of other dogs. But, if your dog is very social and loves being around other people and dogs, then doggie daycare may a good option for you.

Does Your Dog Love the Dog Park?
A good way to get your social butterfly canine ready for doggie daycare is to be regular participants at the dog park. When there does your dog play well with all the other dogs and behave well around the people? Then doggie daycare is probably a good next step.

If your dog meets all these points, then consider looking for a good Doggie Daycare. Take your time choosing the right one for your unique dog. Once you find it, both you and your dog will be much happier companions after a long day of working and playing.

Dog Grooming

Whether your dog needs a bath and a trim or a full furminator deshedding treatment, we have it all! Our professional dog groomers will ensure that your dog receives a total spa experience with premium products and safe, superior equipment. All our professionals have unparalleled skills in relation to our area and will treat your furry best friend as if it was their own dog. Plus, for our guests staying with us for 10 days or more, we offer a complimentary bath, so your dog comes home smelling and looking its best.

So whether you're looking to board your pet or have us get its coat ready for the upcoming season, contact us today!